Forgotten Voices of the Past (IV)

by A Lost State of Mind

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Most of these songs, except for the last three, were songs written ages ago.


released December 1, 2015

Everything except for the song 'Hollow' was written, recorded and produced by yours truly.

The lyrics for the song 'Hollow' were written by: Jeremy Stephens

The cover art was created by: Alexandra Balcu

The art for the song 'Hollow' was created by: Lucy Burrows



all rights reserved


a lost state of mind Garland, Texas

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Track Name: Enemy
something is very wrong you see
I’m feeling trapped
i cannot breathe
nothing can ever set in place
the wrongs you’ve done
all your mistakes
lived life inside a simple dream
not difficult
no one to scream
you came and took that all away
you lied to me
you made me prey

you’re the enemy thats in disguise
you might as well face it don’t try to hide
you’re the enemy burned in my eyes
i can see who you are…the boogeyman
you’re the enemy with hate inside
soul as dark as night, i sympathize
you’re the enemy i can’t deny
i wanted this for you…the suffering

you sit inside your waiting room
no one to hear
your slandering
empty, lifeless mannequin
a hollow shell of what was you
sit back enjoy this misery
you asked for this
the blames on you
ill be inside my simple dream
a fantasy
a perfect scheme
Track Name: Love
you were always the angel
inside of my head
i cannot explain
why my feelings are dead
i could never believe
that this hatred inside
would rise up and wash
all your pain aside
I'm fighting these feelings
that are growing within
im suffering these torments
im suffering these sins
i lock myself up
i turn myself in
i cut out the lights
and i start to grin

i love you i really do
but your constant aggression
is driving me to
a world without hope
a feeling of pain
i hopeful reminder
of the man i became

i sit in the darkness
afraid of the light
i thought this was normal
i thought this was right
i used to believe
that i could be true
to these feelings inside
to this hate i denied
you remember the time
that we severed our ties?
and you tried to make right
what was wrong in our lives?
you prayed and you hoped
and you pleaded and you begged
and you said all these things
that were wrong in my head
and i tried and i tried
and i lied and i lied
and all i could feel
was me dying inside…..
Track Name: Mirror, Mirror
i found you
i took you
i loved you
i used you
i took my
my anger
and threw it
against you
i took your
and lied about
about my truths
i hate what I've done
but I'm glad
that its through

you found me
you took me
you loved me
you used me
you took all
your anger
and threw it
against me
you took my
my emotions
Track Name: A Short Trip
shaking the weight
of the day from me
pondering fate
of the night with glee
its not enough sometimes
happiness comes
in rhymes

an open door to escape
darkness seals my fate
an open door….

a short trip down
the creaky old stairs
nothing matters
I’m sure no one dares
I’m leaving my cares
I’m leaving my cares

closing the door
to the world indeed
feet on the floor
to the path I’m free
its just enough sometimes
happiness comes in rhymes
Track Name: Dark Passenger
she moves through me like I’m not even here
she’s someone else that i would rather not be
she whispers soft directions inside my ear
she’s my dark passenger

stranded on an island again
with you next to me
all that was mine
is just a faded memory
stranded on an island
with your misery
reclaim my throne
this is how it has to be

she’s a disaster that won’t let me be free
she’s just as empty as the void in my heart
she holds on tight until i can barely breathe
she’s my dark passenger
Track Name: Standing Beside You
lost in thought
and dreams of yesterday
broken heart
the skies are turning grey

casualty in a world
that is blind
maybe i
can help you try to find
(just a little piece of something)

you’re lost in the dark again
theres a...
hole in the sky above you
don’t be afraid to let go
i will...
carry the torch beside you
it hurts when you lose your love
to a...
hole in the sky above you
I’m never leaving your side
i will...
carry the burdens for you

buried her
it seems like yesterday
broken heart
it never goes away

no one sees
when you start to cry
never had the chance
to say goodbye
Track Name: Lie To Me Again
i hurt you
as i opened up
with a vengeance

i blamed you
for the pain
that i’m feeling inside

i lost you
when i didn't see us
through your eyes

i can see it now
but before you say a word
i beg of you...

lie to me again
don't tell me how you really feel
i’ve broken the path before us
and the truth is killing me

it's so hard
to let everything go
in my head

i need to
deliver us from
this moment

without you
all of this
is a little less perfect
Track Name: The Human Stain
I’m tired of being alive
I’m tired of living a lie
I’m tired of being mislead and betrayed
I’m tired of losing my way

I’m tired of being alive
I’m tired of wasting my time
I’m tired of always expecting to lose
I’m tired of facing this constant abuse

i feel so distant
from what i used to be
a child-like mind
so careless and so free
i feel so dirty
and maybe I’m insane
a prime example of the perfect human stain

I’m tired of being alive
I’m tired of life passing by
I’m tired of darkness thats growing within
I’m tired of confessing sins

I’m tired of being alive
I’m tired when you all connive
I’m tired of keeping my secret thoughts in
I’m tired of being the one who can’t win

i feel so distant
from what i used to be
a child-like mind
so careless and so free
i feel so dirty
and maybe I’m insane
a prime example of the perfect human stain

I’m tired of being alive
I’m tired of social lives
I’m tired of faking my laughter and views
I’m tired of being untrue

I’m tired of being alive
I’m tired of wondering why
I’m tired of having the gift to pretend
I’m tired of waiting for all this to end