Forever (II)

by A Lost State of Mind

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released August 28, 2014

Words and music and lyrics for all songs: Jason Comeau
Lyrics for 'I Am Alone': Jason Comeau and Jennifer Marie Logsdon
Special thanks to Jennifer Marie Logsdon for speaking in 'My Pleasure'



all rights reserved


a lost state of mind Garland, Texas

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Track Name: Dont Forget
don’t forget
to breathe my dear
sometimes happiness
is so unclear

don’t forget
i’m with you here
i know everything
has disappeared

don’t forget
to face your fears
you were strong enough
through all these years

looking back you recall a dream
of escaping the misery
broken thoughts tear away your soul
leaving pieces of you with me

don’t forget
about that night
angels touched us then
just you and i

don’t forget
a whispered sigh
bearing down on you
‘oh god’ you cry

don’t forget
a simple life
when you fade away
and say goodbye
Track Name: Angel
your eyes
they bring me comfort
when i am cold
your smile makes me lose control
theres just something about you
i don't know where to begin

staring in an angels eyes
i remind myself of the reasons why
i choose life over apathy
i choose love over misery
when our souls collide
i am so alive
i can finally breathe
you bring out the best in me

i was lost
you helped me find a piece
of your soul
i haven't felt this way before
theres just something about you
i don't know where to begin
Track Name: Oblivion
i’m at the bottom
i’m giving in
throw it all aside
destroy the memories

an empty promise
i died within
tear away the light
and spill the blood in me

give me a reason
to let this go

holding on to what i need
holding on to you and me
i just try to stay alive
everything will be alright
all the world is black and grey
all the pieces fade away
i will leave the great divide
i am…

I’m at the bottom
I’m caving in
someone let me out
before i disappear

an empty promise
i scream within
echoing the cries
of all the insincere

give me a reason
to let this go

Track Name: More Than Ever
beautiful escapes the dream
when the veil falls over me
blackened skies loom overhead
shadows dance upon the dead
oceans full of memories
living, breathing, misery

i need you
now more than ever
i loved you
beyond forever

i can't find my way through this
broken path among the shit
looking back I stand afraid
cold and bruised I feel betrayed
shifting eyes among debris
quiet screams escape from me
Track Name: I Am Alone
(verse 1)
i’m flooding myself
with thoughts of decay
without a tear
i fade away

i am alone
i am alone

(verse 2)
alone in my head
i try to be strong
its easier
when you’re all gone

no memories to mourn
no replaying in my mind
no loneliness without you
no ties that may bind

i am alone
i am alone

im gonna die
all alone
i am a lie
take my throne
Track Name: My Pleasure
toss it all aside
bury the disease
and erase me

(my pleasure)
Track Name: Just Kidding
what does sentimental mean?
would you do the same for me?
i know I'll come around
we’ve always pulled it together

(Just Kidding)

fuck your insecurities
fuck your shallow little dreams
fuck your bright golden crown
fuck always and forever

fuck your subtle purity
fuck you when I start toscream
fuck your signs in the sky
….im sorry i hate you

(just kidding)

i was and am alone

what does any of this mean?
you were never there for me
i hope you come around
and put us together

(just kidding)

i was and am alone
Track Name: I Remember When
i remember when
we used to talk all day
i remember when
we used to laugh and play
but things will change in time
what we once had is…
…tossed aside

i remember when
i used to hold your hand
i remember when
you thought you had your man
how things will change in time
what we once had is….
…tossed aside

i remember when
i used to try and hide
i remember when
we we used to start to fight
see things have changed in time
what we once has is….
….tossed aside

i remember when
id scream your name at night
i remember when
you turned off all your lights
why did things change this time
what we once had is…
…tossed aside

i remember when
you never forgave me
i remember when
i couldn't let you free
sometimes things change inside
what we once had is...
...tossed aside
Track Name: Forever
id sit at heavens edge
just to watch you burn forever